Inter-State Horse Show Association - Company Message


Dear  IHSA Member:

         We hope this letter finds every one in good health and ready for an exciting 2020.   
         It's time to join Inter-State Horse Show Association, Inc. ("IHSA") for the 2020 horse show season.  The horse shows are joining and they want your name and address. Don't put it off, join today.  Membership lists are going to be sent to approved horse shows in April.  As in the past, you must show your horse in any IHSA approved class at three shows to qualify for year-end awards.  Double points will be offered again at designated shows.

         The fee will remain $5.00 to nominate your horse and then you may enter as many classes as you like at a cost of $1.00 per class.  Remember though, you must show your horse in a nominated class at three shows to qualify that class for year-end awards.  Equitation riders must pay $5.00 to be eligible for points and must also show at three different shows to qualify.

           We wish everyone a healthy, happy 2020 and good luck at the horse shows.
.                                                                                                                            Sincerely,

Jennifer Kline Brown

PS:   Please make your checks payable to IHSA.