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Inter-State Point Calculations

Points for show placings are as follows:

1st place=5 points

2nd place=4 points

3rd place=3 points

4th place=2 points

5th place=1 point

0 for any place after 5th.

Then we take the placing points and add 1 point for a Qualifier class or 2 points for a Championship class. (this is where you get participation points if you don't place 1-5)

Then added to that we give points for the size of the show, 1 day (1 pt.), 2 days (2 pts), 3 days (3 pts), 4 (4 pts)or more days.

Then, if it's a double point show we multiply the total by two.

If it's a triple point show we multiply by three.

Now with the Inter-State Show we've added BONUS points. 5 points for a qualifier and 10 points for a Championship. We add those to the total before it's multiplied.

Here's how It's set up:

1 Day Show:

5(placing)+1(qualifier)+1(day)=7 points x 2(double point show) = 14 points for a first place. If it's not a double point show then the points awarded are 7.

If no placing:

0+1+1=2 if double point 4

3 Day Show:

5+1+3=9 if double point 18

If no placing:

0+1+3=4 if double point 8

For Championship Classes we add an extra point and an extra point to the show days.

Example for a 3 day show:

5+2+4=11 double point 22.

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